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Our Journey

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable 

Our Mission


To accelerate the world's transition to sustainable micro-mobility while improving hospitality via a new method of mobility.


A unique approach to hospitality, implementing a new method of mobility.

Do not worry about logistics or operational complications, we have it handled. Think of us as your contractors, managing 100% of mobility operations. By utilizing Fuse, you will be creating a new revenue stream for your business, while differentiating yourself from competitors. Through our data analytics platform, you will gain a clear understanding of how your guests move both within and outside of your property, granting you the ability to make better informed decisions. This will open up countless opportunities for your business to maximize both efficiency and revenue. Nonetheless, we are also helping the environment through our services as we are proudly a 100% electric company.

Changing the future of transportation means thinking differently.

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